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            • Price:¥0
            • Name:Skid?loader?ST760
            • Number:71816212414
            • Category:EARTH MOVING MACHINERY
            • Date Added:2013/7/18 16:37:54
            • Views:1675

            XT760 Skid Steer Loader


            3849×1950×2083 mm

            Total weight

            3900 kg

            Tire specification

            12-16.5NHS 10RP

            Bucket capacity


            Rated load


            Dump height

            2479 mm

            Dump reach

            748 mm

            Boom lift time

            <5 s

            Total cycling time


            Breakout fcrce


            Axle base

            1246 mm

            Wheel base

            1475 mm


            Weichai Deutz



            Rated Power


            Rated speed

            2500 r/min

            Max.travel speed

            12 km/h


            XT760 skid steer loader adopts the latest standards, and it is the new generation product featuring high efficiency, beautiful appearance, safety and reliability. With wheeled undercarriage, all wheel drive and skid steering, it can quickly replace or couple multiple working devices at the work site for different work conditions. The compact type multifunctional construction machinery is developed on the base of similar products of both home and abroad with modern design methods like virtual prototype and finite-element analysis, and it has obvious advantages in the performance. It is applicable to work conditions of narrow site, rough ground, and frequently changed work items; and it can also be used as the auxiliary equipment of large construction machinery. It can be widely used in road maintenance, pipe and cable laying, landscaping, snow removal, goods handling, cutting and crushing, etc.  
            ?The hydraulic tank, fuel tank, and chassis are integrated as one, which is more sturdy and saves space.
            ?It adopts world-famous Yanmar engine and Rexroth hydraulic parts, which ensures that it is capable of various kinds of work.
            ?The automatic leveling system ensures that the bucket keeps level during boom lifting.
            ?The boom lifting/lowering and bucket rotation can be performed at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency.
            ?As the proportional controlled pilot handle is simple to operate with less effort, the operator is not easy to get tired and he/she can operate the machine skillfully in a short time
            ?With the internationally universal quick coupling device, various kinds of attachments can be replaced quickly and conveniently. The pipe joints are also standard parts, and most accessories of other manufacturers can be used on the machine.
            ?The cab is spacious with good visibility, and all the instruments are ergonomically allocated, which is easy to check.
            ?All the switches and buttons are easy to reach, and the safety guardrails can avoid unexpected leaving the seat. And there are four safety measures to ensure the safety of operators.
            ?The cab can tip forward at large angle; the engine throttle has two modes, i.e. manual control and foot accelerator, which is very convenient to operate; and it can be replaced with various attachments.

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