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            • Price:¥0
            • Name:XCMG?XS202J
            • Number:7231193310
            • Category:ROAD BUILDING MACHINERY
            • Date Added:2013/7/23 11:29:10
            • Views:1889

            The XS202J/XS222J/XS222JE is a super heavy-duty vibratory roller with mechanical drive designed and built to offer unrivaled performance. Representing XCMG’s new generation of mechanical drive vibratory rollers, the machine sets new standards for operation, propulsion, compaction, reliability and serviceability in the industry.
            Streamline Design
            The large arc frame structure and streamline engine hood design make the machine novel and visually attractive in appearance. Just one look, you can be sure the machine is from XCMG.
            Excellent Powertrain
            The six-cylinder, direct injection, water-cooled, turbocharged Shangchai D6114ZG engine that offers high power reserve, together with the electrically controlled power box and the optional drive axle with NO-SPIN function supplies stable power transmission. The power system of XS202J can play an optimal traction performance in any cases.
            Outstanding Compaction
            Dual vibration frequencies and dual amplitudes satisfy different jobsite requirements. Imported heavy-duty piston pumps and motors form a closed circuit to provide enhanced durability and reliability, ensuring uniform compaction. Largest diameter drum and highest static linear load of its kind in china coupled with optimized drum structure and vibration parameters work together for outstanding compaction result and great productivity.
            Reliable Electrical System
            The electrical system adopts internationally sourced water-proof, dust-proof, vibration-resistant electric connectors for increased reliability.
            Imported maintenance-free battery has high start-up current and good adaptability.
            All-round Safety Consideration
            Independently actuated caliper disc type service brakes and band type parking brakes assure safe and reliable braking.
            Ant-slip handrail and stairs allow the operator to get on and off the machine freely.
            During machine transportation, an articulated locking device can be used to lock the front and rear frame for safe transportation.
            High Reliability
            Advanced brake and clutch protection system protect the clutch and transmission against damages caused by operation mistakes.
            Integrating over forty years’ experience in production, manufacturing and design, XCMG rollers have always been taking the lead in reliability in china’s roller industry.
            Comfortable Operation
            Electrohydraulic controlled power shift transmission and electrically controlled engine hood make operation easy. The main clutch and braking system are air actuated, offering the ease of operation.
            Ergonomically designed instrument panel and simple ergonomic layout of controls minimize fatigue, making the operator highly efficient and productive.
            Wide-opening tilt-forward engine hood can be stopped safely at any height using an electric lift device, allowing easy access to the engine for maintenance and service.
            Grease fill and drain ports are easily accessible for easier daily maintenance.

            Item Unit XS202J
            Operating weight kg 20000
            Weight on front drum kg 10000
            Static linear load N/cm 470
            Speed range km/h
            Speed I 2.63
            Speed II 5.3
            Speed III 8.6
            Theoretical gradeability % 30
            Min. external turning radius mm 6500
            Steering angle ° ±33
            Oscillating angle ° ±10
            Vibration frequency (high/low) Hz 33/28
            Nominal amplitude (high/low) mm 1.9/0.95
            Excitation force (high/low amplitude) kN 353/245
            Drum diameter mm 1600
            Drum width mm 2130
            Engine model SC8D175.1G2B1
            Rated power @2000 r/min kW 128
            Engine oil consumption g/kW.h 223
            Hydraulic oil tank capacity L 170
            Fuel tank capacity L 240

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